From the Earth, Up! 

Moment to moment aliveness and presence of being.

Re-vive your Natureness, and allow Earth to guide you.

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 365 Days to explore your Natural Essence.

EveryBody can create moments of process-based facilitation, inspiring Nature's essence (Natureness) and wisdom to reveal through authentic expression. 

EveryDay is a new day to restore our personal and planetary well being, simply by being in sensory awareness and embodied presence, moment by moment. Human Beings enlivened of the Earth.

NatureConnect Kids

Faculty, Educators, Facilitators, Care-Takers, Families all benefit from time in Nature.

Through nature-based inquiry, aligned with core-curriculum standards, Activities, E-books & Membership offerings provide guided opportunities which encourage acquisition of Social Emotional Learning competencies.

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Yoga Alliance Continuing Education  

Maintain your Yoga Alliance RYT status through our course offerings in Adaptive Yoga and Expressive Eco-Arts. 

Immerse your personal practice in creative self-exploration and harmonious Natural wisdom

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1:1 Natureness Mentoring and Certification Coursework

Organic Applications of Ecopsychology, Expressive Eco-Arts, Climate Therapy, Nature-based Adaptive Yoga, Equine-Assisted Services

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We are of this Earth,

not just on this Earth.


Hi! I'm Patricia Patterson PhD🌻, Founding Facilitator of NatureConnect 365.

I've had the immense privilege of sharing my bare-footed, tree-hugging, love of biosphere Earth with generations of fellow human beings in diverse milieu across the life-span.

My work is sensory-based, eco-mindful, trauma-informed and FUN.

Join me for a virtual class, an in-person session, online workshop, 1:1 mentoring or a community collaboration and feel your way back to safe senses of place and belonging by liberating your natural essence.


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Learn about UpCycling Eco-Art Supplies

Giving new life to dried out markers is more than a metaphor…

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Core Truth

You will smell things, and feel things, and listen for things, and most likely get messy. 

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You will blossom, it is in Your Nature

The best part about learning how to express through Eco-Art is each moment holds fresh potential. Maybe your experiment went sideways, maybe your great idea didn’t turn out as planned, maybe your challenges seemed to be driving the bus… sure it’s frustrating. The genius is in the now what…put your hand on your heart and breathe into and out of yourself. Reset with inspiration. 

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What can you expect from NatureConnect 365?

We are all about restoring the senses toward harmonious attractions, engaging in process-based exploration, and most importantly having fun. The more fun you have, the more joyous you will be. No matter which paths you choose, you can count on three things:

The Unexpected

You might find yourself reading to a unicorn. 

<Photo Courtesy of Sky Blue Equestrian Center>

Practical Sustainability 

We’ll mix it up: different tools, different modalities, tips and tricks that build upon one another AND stand alone. 


All offerings are steeped in evidence-based, researched methodology, with ample academic resources and supplemental materials included.

Say Hi to Ed, busy at work in our outdoor activity test kitchen…

if you get a moment, tell him what a great job I ‘m doing because he is my dad and from what I understand dads like to hear that kind of stuff about their bare-footed, tree-hugging daughters. 

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